Comparison Of Different Document Files

Comparison Of Different Document Files
The computer technology has advanced and improved the way people interact and exchange information with each other. There are different kinds of computer applications introduced to the computer users for swiftly and quickly managing and exchanging vast amount of content. These computer applications have different types of features. The file formats are PDF, Excel, Word, Power Point and much more. However, these four applications are the ones which are used widely and extensively.

A Portable Document Format is a non-editable computer application which is used for presenting information or content in a professional manner. It has compression algorithms that compress the size of the file. These algorithms enable a person to incorporate the graphics or multimedia content into the documents. The size of the graphics or animated images gets compressed with this feature. As a result, the document becomes transferable across multiple platforms. The easy access to a PDF file is easy and this feature befits the name of this application portable. Its use has eliminated the dependency of the people on paper files or documents. It is a smart and easy way to handle any kind of information.

The Word document is an editable application that prepares content according to a users requirements. In a Word file, one can insert comments, tables, charts, graphics, images, hyperlinks, bookmarks and other such kind of content. This application lets a user free to customize the document as desirable or as per requirement. You can also make the page colorful by adding a page color. One can also change the font type, font size or font color to personalize the file.

The Power Point file format is an application that is used for making presentations. It has slides where you can insert multimedia effects or animated graphics to the documents. You can use clip-art and insert charts or tables for vivid demonstration of ideas or facts.
The Excel sheet is used mainly for mathematical reasons. This sheet enables you to perform calculations and it has formulae embedded in the format.

The common feature of all these applications is that a user can convert a document from one format to another with ease as well as convenience using PDF Converter.

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