Comparison Of Cable And Satellite

Comparison Of Cable And Satellite

Years ago, there were very few options and little variety when it came to what was available on TV.  Basic television consisted of very few channels and little variety.  Today, there is a wide range of options available to the public at a low cost.  Getting your television through a cable company or satellite company are two of the most common services used by Americans today.  With the variety that and prices that satellite companies offer today, choosing between the two is no longer the hard decision that it used to be.  Here are some basic facts about how the two services differ from one another in the United States.

1.  Prices.  Although the prices between Cable and Satellite are similar, you get more bang for your buck with the satellite services.  Because satellite companies do not have to pay the local taxes like cable companies, the prices are cheaper per channel.  Although cable’s cheapest packages are lower in price than those of Satellite TV, you will get about three times more channels with the cheapest satellite package.

2.  Variety.  Satellite TV has a much wider variety of channels and special features than Cable TV.  With satellite, you can get cheap packages with as few as 50 channels, but packages can have as many as 500 channels.  Furthermore, additional packages are available at a low price.  If you’re a sports fanatic, there is a sports package available for almost any sport you can imagine.  If you’re a movie buff, a wide variety of movie channels can be added for just a small fee.  Both services offer channels in High Definition, but satellite providers offer the widest variety of HD channels of any television providers.

3.  Equipment.  Cable requires less equipment and the installation is much easier than the installation of Satellite TV.  All you need is a working television and you can have Cable installed. Because satellite services are digital, more equipment is required and the installation is a bit more complicated.  Not only is a converter box required, but you also need to have a compatible television.  On the other hand, the installation is generally included free with your local satellite company.

4. Availability. Because Satellite TV uses the technology of a satellite dish, it has the ability to transmit the signal at larger distances.  The service can reach farther distances, making it available to more people.  Cable may not be offered in small cities because they may be out of the range of service.

5.   Obligation.  Most satellite companies require that you sign a contract for a specific period of time.  There will be a minimum amount of time that you are required to pay for the service.  Breaking the contract often results in a fee.  On the contrary, very few cable companies require that you use the service for a minimum period of time.

Each service has their pros and cons.  As far as getting the most out of your money, Satellite TV is definitely the more economical option.  You get more variety in the channels that are available and there are more features that can be added at lower price.

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