Google checkout paypal vinmo comparison

Google checkout paypal vinmo comparison

Electronic payments are common these days. With the proliferation of auction websites, like EBay, and free sites like Craigs list, the need for options to pay online has grown. People are also becoming more wary of entering their credit card payment information online, and are looking for other options. Google check out, PayPal, and Venmo have been developed with these consumers in mind and are becoming more commonplace. Each has its advantages and drawbacks as we will see with this google checkout paypal venmo comparison.

Google checkout allows users to buy from any store that uses Google checkout, and keep track of all the orders from one website. They also protect the consumer by offering fraud protection against unauthorized users and they do not give the consumers credit card information to the store, or other business where a purchase was made. As a consumer, you store your information with goggle, instead of with each online store that you do business with. A number of stores even offer discounts for using Google payments.

PayPal markets itself as the worlds most-loved way to pay and get paid. PayPal is the payment of choice for auction website EBay, and can easily be used to send money to friends and family. You need to have an email address and enter bank account information, which will be linked with that email. You can transfer money into a PayPal account to use for purchases or PayPal will transfer the money directly from your linked account. This also keeps any personal information secure from stores or individuals with whom you do business. Until recently you needed to have a bank account to use PayPal, however with addition of moneypak anyone can use PayPal. If you either do not have bank account, or do not wish to enter the information on PayPals secure website, you can buy a moneypak card at a select retailer, and add the money from the card to your PayPal account online.

Venmo is a relatively new service that, like the others, enables people to send more without sending their personal information. This service is SMS based system, and enables the easy sending of money between friends, for anything from a split restaurant bill to a loan repayment. You can easily pay a friend back with simple SMS message. Like Visa and MasterCard, merchants are charged a processing fee for using the service, but this is not charged to the consumer. Unlike the other services, this service can be used form a cell phone and no internet access are needed, after the initial signup. As the newest way to pay, Venmo does not have the wide spread merchant availability as PayPal and Google checkout, but it is growing.

Any of these services are a great way for consumers to shop safely while protecting their personal information. The three options can save consumers the headaches involved in identity theft and make shopping safer and easier.


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