Home Siding Cost Comparison

Home Siding Cost Comparison
Many people believe the cheapest siding on the market is vinyl. Vinyl is cheaper to install while being durable. This home siding cost is of this product is $ 1 per square foot when the home owner uses self installation panels. If it is installed by a contractor it runs $ 2 to $ 7 per square foot. Vinyl siding will not split, crack or be damaged by insects. It is very attractive and there are no worries about painting for the home owner.

Cedar siding is cheaper to install while having the traditional look and feel to it. With regular maintenance and painting the life of cedar siding can be 30 years or more. A key to extending the life expecting of cedar is to keep it away from water. Dont allow gutters to drip near the base of the house or splash on the siding.

When using a sprinkler to water the lawn aim it away from the cedar siding. When cedar siding is installed by a contractor the home siding cost is $ 7,000 to $ 8,500 for 1,250 square feet. There are several ways that cedar siding can be installed. It can be mounted vertically, horizontally, or as shingles on the roof. Pine siding is not as rot resistant as cedar siding.

Another type of siding is made from Aluminum. It is fire proof and virtually bug proof. Aluminum siding is easy to install and maintain. Gently scrubbing it while rinsing the siding with a garden house is all the yearly maintenance consists of.

To have Aluminum siding installed by a contractor is $ 2.50 to $ 3.50 per square foot. If a large area is being covered with aluminum siding the cost per foot may be cheaper.

Stucco siding may last for decades when it is taken care of properly. It is durable, strong, and versatile. Stucco can be painted or dyed any color. It can keep a home cooler when it is hot outside and warmer in the colder months. Its very common is areas with a lot of sun as it doesnt exhibit sun damage as quickly.

Stucco needs to be hosed off once in awhile to wash off the dirt. It will absorb water when it rains or is being hosed off, but the moisture will disappear in little while. When figuring the home siding cost of stucco, it is $ 4 to $ 8 a square foot.

Repair is pretty easily taken care of. Once the type of siding has been chosen by the owner of the residence, it is time to decide on what color they want. When looking at the colors the color fade ratio needs to be remembered. Color fade ratio is when a color like Forest Green is exposed to UV rays. Barn wood is a versatile color and will fade at a faster rate than a neutral color like clay.

When a resident decides to do the installation of any siding by themselves, the time spent doing the installation is the largest home siding cost of all. Time is a valuable asset.

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