Doing A Blue Ray DVD Comparison

Doing A Blue Ray DVD Comparison

A lot of people are still not aware of what the differences between a DVD and blue ray player are, and if you find that you are in this situation where you are wondering what the big deal is about a blue ray HD DVD is and why you would want to make the upgrade yourself, then there are a few things that you will want to take into consideration here.

The Big Picture

There are a few really distinct differences that you will see when you do a blue ray DVD comparison. For one thing when you do a blue ray DVD comparison you will note that there is much more memory space available on a blue ray disc. This is a huge advantage because then instead of having to use four or five different DVDs to record something, you can just use one.

Especially for photos and long movies, rather than having to deal with two when you rent your favorite movie, as you see when you do a blue ray DVD comparison, you will only need the one. The difference in storage capacity is definitely one of the most major differences between the two formats, and one that has made the most people make up their mind about why they want to change to blue ray players.

As well when you do a blue ray DVD comparison you are going to see that there is a much better picture quality with the blue ray format. This is because the blue ray format is so much more advanced. Especially if you have a big screen television you are going to be able to see the big picture, see all the differences and how much better and more realistic the picture quality on the blue ray discs is.

The main problem is that a lot of people do not take the time to do a blue ray DVD comparison and so they are not able to understand what this blue ray technology is and what it has to offer. It is basically like what DVD was to our parents when it first came out. They had no idea and they were used to the VHS format and now to us VHS format is like ancient times. It is really amazing how much technology is advancing, and if you really want to stay ahead of the pack, get a blue ray player.

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